Lego Challenges – 30 ideas to have fun

30 ideas to play with Lego alone or with friends. Are you ready to challenge yourself ?

Hi everybody!

I would like to share with you today some cards I made a while ago for my children who LOVE to play with Lego.

They were always asking me “mum what can we do with our Lego now ?“. Once they had followed the game instructions they preferred to create their own spaceship, castle …

As all problems have solutions I decided to create 30 small activity cards that would give them ideas.

To download our 30 Lego Challenges printable, please click on the link below.

I hope your kids will enjoy this activity, mine have great fun with it. ?

See you soon with new activities !


Home Printable Lego Challenges – 30 ideas to have fun
French mum, living in Mauritius, I have three boys including twins. I share here games and activities to spend some quality time with your children. I hope you'll like it !


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