20 easy crafts for preschoolers

In order for you to never be short of ideas I share here with you some creative crafts you can easily make with Kindergarten children and older.

Summer holidays are coming soon and you will need to keep your kids busy during these long days. I made a small selection of great crafts for your kids to make. Most of them were found on Pinterest or are those we often make and already shared on the blog.

Without further ado, here are 21 creative crafts that will keep your kids busy.


Let’s start with some small creative egg carton crafts. As I often have some in my kitchen, it makes it easy for my kids to use them at all time for awesome projects.

1Friendly crocodile

For this super fun craft you just need a lot of green paint ? ! That is my kids’ favorite. I think it is because of its humongous smile.

Material : 2 x 6 eggs cartons, green paint, wobbly eyes or eyes stickers, construction paper for the teeth.

Source : Pinterest crocodile

2Multicoloured caterpillars

Choose your favorite colours to make them. For their antennas we used PlayMais sticks, but you can also use pipe cleaners (it is often what is used on Pinterest).

Material : a 12 eggs carton, paint, PlayMais or pipe cleaners, stickers …

Source : Pinterest caterpillars

3A pretty flower bunch

Isn’t it looking great ? Here is a craft that should brighten your garden.

Click on the link below to learn how to make this craft.

Material : egg cartons, paint, straws, pom poms, glue and scissors.

Link : How to make a flower bunch step by step (in French but the pictures help)

4Cute turtles

Aren’t they sweet ? To make this craft you need a few accessories and the kids need to be able to use scissors well. Even if you can help little ones with cutting, it is a much easier craft for 4 to 5yo children.

Material : An egg carton, green paint, pom poms, wobbly eyes or eyes stickers, green paper, scissors.

Source : Pinterest turtles

5Super helicopters !

We never made this craft but I love it ! I find it to be the perfect craft for all vehicles fans.

Material : An egg carton, paint, construction paper, paper fasteners and scissors.

Source : Pinterest helicopters


We all use toilet paper rolls everyday. You just have to save the toilet roll tubes to use them for creative activities with your kids.

6 Black cats

I love their cute design. This craft is perfect to decorate your home for Halloween, those cats will be perfect next to spiders and other scary monsters.

Material : toilet roll tubes, black paint, construction paper, a yellow neon marker and pipe cleaners.

Source : Pinterest cats

7Fire-breathing dragons

This craft is great for two reasons:

  1. you get to make a fun and funky dragon.
  2. you can blow inside the roll for your dragon to spit fire.

Material : toilet roll tubes, paint, pom poms, paper tissues, glue and scissors.

Source : Pinterest dragons


This craft is perfect for your little explorers. It is very easy to make and it should please them and also keep them busy for quite a while.

Material : toilet roll tubes, masking tape, paint, jute string.

Source : Pinterest binoculars

9Frog and fly game

I adore this craft ! This game (which drives you crazy) is hilarious. Those frogs are made to swallow flies. It is a craft that turns into a game and is perfect to have fun with during the holidays.

Material : toilet roll tubes, green paint, jute string, tape, construction paper.

Source : Pinterest frog and fly game

10Vintage race car

If your kid asks you how to make his Playmobil characters a car, this is the craft for you ! You just need some paint, a lot of love and creativity. Here we go !

Material : toilet roll tubes, paint, construction paper, glue, scissors, tape.

Source : Pinterest race car


Make good use of all your paper scraps, old newspapers and loose A4 sheets you don’t need anymore.

Here are some creative crafts to recycle your paper scraps and old children drawings.

11Flowery hair

What could be better to bring some colours into your rainy days than drawing a face and use pretty and colourful printed flowers for the hair ? Don’t be shy, the more you use flowers, the more beautiful the result will be.

Material : construction paper, pre-cut printed flowers, a marker to draw the face.

Source : How to make a face with flowery hair step by step (in french, follow the pictures)

12Paper cactus do not sting 

A craft for older children who master the use of scissors. These cactus are great to decorate a child bedroom.

Material : green construction paper, scissors, a white marker and wool strings.

Source : Pinterest cactus

13Paper strips animal shape

A great craft to master cutting. First your child have to cut all kind of paper strips (you can use old magazines and newspapers).

Then he can glue them on the animal shape he likes.

Material : magazines, paper scraps, markers, construction paper.

Link : How to make paper shapes step by step


Kids love painting, drawing and colouring. But sometimes they don’t know what to draw or do the same things over and over again. Here are some creative ideas to have fun with colours.

14Make folding surprise drawings

This may be the activity that we have been doing the most : drawing a folding surprise. Monsters, fishes, animals, people … we made them all. My kids simply love it, this craft is so simple and fun.

Material : paper and markers.

Link : How to make a folding surprise step by step.

15Scratch off cards

Show me a kid who does not like scratch off cards ! These black cards you can scratch with a wooden stick to make colours appear are a favorite for kids of all ages.

Material : construction paper, pastels, black acrylic paint, liquid dish soap, a scratch tool, brush.

Link : Make your own scratch off cards – DIY time !

16Butterflies to fly away

A pretty craft that can be used to work on fine motor skills. Click on the link below to learn on how to make these butterflies.

Material : butterfly template, paint, clothespins.

Link : How to make butterflies step by step

17Symmetrical hearts

Such a simple and effective craft. Children are very excited to fold their paper sheet and press the painting off onto the other side to make a perfect heart appears.

Material : a heart template, paint.

Link : How to make a symmetrical heart step by step


To add more activities to this non-exhaustive list, here are some of the crafts my children love and that we regularly make at home.

18Sensory play with Rainbow rice

You need to make you rainbow rice beforehand as it takes a few hours for the rice to dry (up to 24H). You want to be sure all the vinegar has evaporated before your kids play with it.

But it is well worth the wait as they love this activity and it will keep them busy for a while.

Material : white vinegar, food colouring, cheap rice, zip lock bags.

Link : Rainbow rice step by step

19Salt dough ABC

Salt dough is a timeless activity. It is great for kids from 3 to 7yo. My boys love it and it is a popular craft in our home.

Material : flour, salt, water.

Link : How to make your salt dough ABC

20Milk carton city

A fun craft that can be made over a long period of time. Gradually you can add houses and buildings to grow a small city in your home. Isn’t it marvellous ?

Material : Milk cartons, paint and markers.

Source : Pinterest Milk carton city

That is all for today. I have shared with you 21 of our favourite crafts, I hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon for more !



Home Crafts for kids 20 easy crafts for preschoolers
French mum, living in Mauritius, I have three boys including twins. I share here games and activities to spend some quality time with your children. I hope you'll like it !


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